Safety Contact Details

Our Association wants to ensure that residents and visitors onto the Wire Hill estate feel safe and know who to contact if there is a safety issue.

For Emergency Services – phone 999 or 112 - 24/7, 365

  • P - Phone 999 only if
  • O - Offenders are nearby
  • L - Life is at risk
  • I - Injury is caused or threatened
  • C - Crime or disorder is in progress
  • E - Emergency situations

For Non Emergency Medical Issues – phone 111 – 24/7, 365

Use this for illnesses and minor injuries where life isn’t threatened, but you would like some advice on what to do next.

For Non Emergency Issues – phone 101 - 24/7, 365

The initial automatic response message may say “You will be directed to Warwickshire Police force; if you want another force please say this now”. Our estate is not aligned to Warwickshire, but West Mercia, hence that’s the name you should use. Once an operator answers explain your problem to them. They will take your details and pass them to on to the relevant organisation on your behalf.

For Parking Issues

The Police will only get involved for a parking issue that is an ‘unnecessary obstruction’, ‘leaving a vehicle in a dangerous position’ or ‘causing danger to road-users’; this could include blocking the emergency entry/exit for the Alexandra Hospital; as this is putting ‘Life at Risk’ explain any of these issues and the operator will forward as necessary; in all of the above phone 101 – 24/7, 365

For other parking issues, such as parking on double yellow lines, contact the Redditch Parking Services on 01386 565009 or eMail Monday to Friday; 09:00 to 1700; excluding Bank Holidays.

For Highways Issues

For Wire Hill estate we are covered by Worcestershire Highways Authority and they would wish you to enter your issue via their ‘self- help’ website: which has a breakdown of what type of issue you have. However once you have completed some basic information about your issue you will need to ‘pin point’ this on their mapping system. If you have a ‘touch screen’ device this may be easy, if you don’t you need to use your mouse &/or cursor keys to precisely identify the location of the issue. If you don’t have this on-line ability (or say you don’t have it) phone 01905 765765, option 9 will take you through to an operator who will take your details and pass them on. Alternatively phone 01905 763763 and you will be asked which department you require, which is Highways, from your response their phone system will pass you through to an operator and again from your details will pass them on. Monday to Friday; 09:00 to 1700; excluding Bank Holidays.