The Association covers the entire Wire Hill Estate

The aims of the Association are:

  • To represent the interests of and promote membership to all the residents of Wirehill
  • To promote the interests and rights of residents and to encourage them to be more actively involved
  • To ensure that all residents are consulted and informed regularly
  • To work towards improving the quality of life for residents and their community
  • To encourage a community spirit and sense of responsibility
  • To represent the majority view and interests of the community


Membership of the association is open to all Wirehill residents over the age of 18. Membership is free.


The committee shall have a minimum of two and a maximum of ten members at one time. A Chairperson and Secretary are the minimum requirements for officers with other positions appointed as needs dictate.

The committee will prepare an annual report for members and arrange for its presentation at an AGM.

The committee shall have the power to appoint a Vice-Chairperson and Vice-Secretary if they so wish.